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Additional equipment available for rectangular clarifiers, bar screens and grit collectors:


Chain and Attachments

Drive chains


Filler Blocks

Wear Materials



VC78NM Viking Non Metallic Drive Chain

Fiberglass Flights:

Viking Chains Pultruded Fiberglass Flights come in two styles

- Standard C channel
- Ultra Flights

The C channel flight is offered in a standard 6" or 8" version, and the Ultra flight is offered in a standard 8" version.

Aluminum Flights:

Viking Chains Aluminum Flights are made from 6063-T5 Aluminum and provide a cost effective alternative to Fiberglass Flights. The flights unique patented design allows the attachments and wear shoes to be bolted to the flight without drilling holes or notching the flight. This is done by the slots running the full length of the flight. The aluminum flight is offered in a standard 8" version.

Benefits of the Aluminum Flights:
- Lightweight for easy installation
- No need for filler blocks
- No notching or drilling required
- Can be completely assembled in advance with minor field adjustments
- Can be repaired and welded on-site or in a shop
- Can be RECYCLED for salvage value after use.

As an option, rubber scrapers can be added to the flights